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“Adopt-A-Buffalo” Land Stewardship Assessment

In an effort to better assess, monitor and document the impact of families reclaiming their legally allotted lands on the Pine Ridge Reservation, we have started a GIS-based land stewardship survey. Field teams are recording data on plant type and quantity, as well as the density of prairie dog mounds in a pre-defined area around randomly selected sample sites (below).

Sample locations were generated on project sites using a GIS-based random point generator and aerial photos (below).

Plastic rings are used to standardize the collection of data on grasses in each sample location. The results of this study will help Lakota land owners better assess, monitor and evaluate the impact of their management decisions.

If you or your school would like to participate in this survey please contact David Bartecchi at Village Earth (970) 491-8307 or [email protected]

Logging around the Port of Pucallpa

Pucallpa is located along the Rio Ucayali and cuts into the heart of traditional Shipibo-Conibo territory.

Pucallpa is one of the major commercial ports along the Ucayali River.

The above photos were taken in the span of a few minutes. Imagine how many times a day new shipments of these huge trees make their way to the port for processing before they are sent down river or by truck to Lima.
In Shipibo communities connected to Pucallpa by road, illegal loggers often drive their huge trucks through Shipibo communities in the middle of the night with loads and loads of illegally cut endangered hardwoods. Many of these trees end up in the U.S. market.

Universal Declaration on Human Rights in Shipibo language

Universal Declaration on Human Rights
from the UN High Commission on Human Rights in Shipibo language

Shipibo-Conibo Version Source: Coordinadora Nacional de Derechos Humanos

Total Speakers 15,000 (1976) Usage by Country Home Speakers: Peru Background It belongs to the Panoan family and is spoken by nearly 15,000 people, especially in the north-western middle Ucayali River area.


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Tsonbira huetsabobires teashon jato betan rabéti imatima iqui, queenyamacanaitian

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Huetsabaonbires ati jahuéqui, jonibaon jaton jeman icá arestira jahuequescamabí iqui; nescaraincobo, caritiran niti, plasain yacáti, caron pasiani cati, jainoash huetsa quesca jahuéquibires ati inonbi atira jahuequescamabi iqui.
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Jatíbi teetai jonin jahuen copí senen bitira jahuequescamabi iqui; jan jahuen ahuin betan baquebo j ahuéquiamati; jahuenbi mashcáyamanon ishon. Jahuetianqui jaconma jahuéqui huinotai jaqui chipóti; jainoash jahuetianqui huestiora jahuéqui jan mas’hcáyoraa acasabi jahuen copí biabi senenyamai, jascarabora apon eséain yoiai quescaaquin aquinti iqui.
Huestiora huestiorabora jahuequescamabi iqui jaton Sindicáto acanti (Sindicáto- ichaash rabécana jahuéqui anosh) iamaash huetsabo betan rabetaires jaton tee jacon inon icásh, itira jahuequescamabirib(iqui.

Jatíbi jonira basí teetash tantití jahuequescamabi iqui, jahuen tee jenepariash.
Jainshonribira jato nete shehuinmaquin teematima iqui, netetiibi. Jainshonra jahuetio basichaa moa teemashon tantimati jahuequescamabi iqui; ishonbi ja teeyamai neten huetsatianbo copíati iqui.

Jatíbi jonira jahuequescamabi iqui, jan jatiatani iti, jan jahuen yorabi jainoas’h jahuen ahuin betan jahuen baquebo isinaitian raomeemati senen; jan piti biti senen; chopa biti; ja shoboati senen; benshoamisbo raonmashon jan copíati senen; jainoash huetsa jahuéquiboribi ati senen. Jainshonribira aquinti iqui ja teeomabo, isinaibo, jahuen yora iticoma copí teeyamaibo, benomaatabo, yosishocobo betan yoshanshocobo; jainoash jaconma jahuéqui jahuen shinanamain huinotas’h jan jahuéati yamaquetianribi aquinti iqui.
Titaboya jahuen baquebo jahuéquinin mashcáyoracanquetianra aquincanti iqui. Jatiibi baquebora jahuéquinin aquincanti iqui, ja mashcáyoraabobicho, huetsa quesca jonibires inonbi. Jahuen papa onantima baque jainshon papaya baque inonbira aquincanti iqui.

Jahuequescamabi riqui jatíbi joni quiricanin asheti. Jainoash quirica aquin primaria senenhatira iti iqui, copímabi ati. Jainoash primariain quirica senenhatira teashon baquebo amati iqui. Jahuerato escuelancoqui jato tee meninoshon quirica onanmai, jatíbira jato senenbires onanmati iqui, huetsa quesca jonibo inonbi. Jatíbí jonira huetsa jonibaon acai quescaaribaquín quirica onantí jahuequesmabi iqui, ja bebonbires onantiribí.
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Shipibo Presentation – Thurs., August 10

There will be a short 1-2 hour presentation and discussion about the Village Earth project with the indigenous Shipibo-Conibo of the Peruvian Amazon next Thursday, August 10 at 7PM at the Bean Cycle in Old Town Fort Collins, CO. All are welcome to attend this presentation and it will also be a good opportunity to meet a diverse crowd from round the world attending the Village Earth training for the next 2 weeks. The Shipibo documentary Paromea Ronin Bakebo (Children of the Anaconda, 35 min.) will be shown followed by a quick slideshow with new information about the projects and issues facing indigenous peoples living in the Amazon basin. There will also be several Peruvians from the Inti Wayna Foundation present to discuss their work with the indigenous people of Peru. Traditional Shipibo crafts will also be available for sale to support a Shipibo women’s craft cooperative in the remote village of Santa Rosa de Dinamarca. Please spread the word about this free event to anyone interested and help to support the cause of indigenous rights to self-determination in the ecologically-sensitive Amazon basin.
For more information, please feel free to contact Kristina Pearson at: 970-491-5754 or [email protected]

Directions to the Bean Cycle:
The Bean Cycle
144 N. College Avenue
Fort Collins, Colorado 80524
Phone (970) 221-2964
(And please support the Bean Cycle through the purchase of their wide selection of coffees and treats for their generous donation of this free space and their contributions to Village Earth and the community.)

We hope to see you there!!