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Knife Chief Delivers Bison Meat to Elders on Pine Ridge

On Wednesday, January 18, 2012, the Village Earth Affiliate, Knife Chief Buffalo Nation delivered 200 lbs of grassfed and field-harvested bison meat to Cohen Memorial Home, an Elderly program in Pine Ridge and 300 lbs of meat to Meals for Elderly, a Reservation-wide program that will distribute the meat to elders across the Reservation. The delivery was made through Tatanka Talo Fund, a donor advised fund of the Lakota Lands Recovery project. The goal of the project is to help distribute Lakota raised bison meat to elders on the Pine Ridge Reservation. This delivery was made possible by from a single donor who covered the cost of the animal, processing, packing and delivery. Grassfed bison meat is a great low-fat and high-protein alternative to beef, making it perfect for elderly and/or people with diabetes. Plus, this project helps to support local Native-run bison caretakers on the Pine Ridge Reservation. If you would like to donate to this program, please click on the “Help Fund This Project” button on the right.

New Online Training for Engineers Without Borders

Village Earth facilitating in-person training April 2011 with the MSU chapter of EWB.

Since 2008, Village Earth has provided its tailored in-person training for student and professional chapters of Engineers Without Borders at colleges and universities across the country including UC Santa Barbara, Colorado State University, Rutgers, Princeton, Hope College, MSU, San Francisco and Portland. We are excited to announce a new online training opportunity for Student and Professional Chapters of Engineers Without Borders. Combining live face-to-face discussions with offline content you can complete on your own schedule, this course makes our powerful community mobilization curriculum accessible to anyone with an internet connection. This course is available to individuals at our regularly scheduled times and to entire chapters upon request.

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Vision of Women Gathering – Lakota Pine Ridge Territory – 15 January 2012

Reposted from: Owe Aku International Justice Project

PRESS RELEASE: January 6, 2012

“Winyan Ituwan”, (Vision of the Women), will be held on January 15, 2012 beginning at 1pm and ending with an evening meal at the Pahin Sinte School in Porcupine, South Dakota. Topics include Mother Earth and water, mining issues facing the people living on the great plains of the United States, and roles and responsibilities of Native women. Speakers will share their experiences in frontline activism work around these issues.

Tantoo Cardinal, a First Nations Cree actor and activist will speak on the tarsands oil mine and its impacts in her homelands of Ft McMurray, Canada. Ms Cardinal was recently inducted as a Member into the Order of Canada for her contributions. Famous for her roles in movies such as Smoke Signals, Legends of the Fall, Black Robe, and Dances with Wolves, Ms. Cardinal is also a founding member of the Saskatchewan Native Theatre Company, which works with and to inspire First Nations youth in the performing arts.

Debra White Plume, Oglala Lakota from Pine Ridge, will speak on the tarsands oil mine, the Keystone XL Oil pipeline planned to cross the plains from Montana to Texas. She will share updates as the lead plantiff in the case against Cameco, Inc. in its attempt to mine uranium near the reservation, and the PowerTech, Inc. plan to mine uranium in the Black Hills. White Plume is co-founder of Bring Back the Way, a grassroots nongovernmental organization dedicated to the preservation of the Lakota Way of Life and Treaty Rights.

Kandi Mosset, Mandan/Arikaree from New Town, ND, works on the tarsands oil mine and xl keystone pipeline campaign with the Indigenous Environmental Network. Ms. Mosset recently returned from the UN Climate Convention in Durban, South Africa. She will speak on these issues and on oil mining impacts on her Mandan/Hidotsa/Arikaree community in North Dakota.

White Plume, Cardinal, and Mosset were part of the 1200 people arrested at the White House in a mass civil disobedience to bring awareness to the American people and President Obama regarding opposition to the XL Keystone pipeline permit.

A panel of Oglala Lakota women will include Regina Brave, who will speak of her experiences at Wounded Knee Occupation for 71 days in 1973; Marilyn Charging Crow, Vivian Locust and Arlette Loud Hawk. Loud Hawk will speak as the Whip Bearer for the Tokala KitFox Warrior Society. Special guest speakers include Marie Randall and Lily Mae Red Eagle.

A slideshow of the tarsands oil mine in Canada will be shared, and a 10 minute video short of the documentary Crying Earth Rise Up! about uranium mining in Lakota Territory by Prairie Dust Films will be shown. There will be an open microphone for women to express themselves and offer words of wisdom to the young generations. Tiana Spotted Thunder of Independence Through Music, and the group Scatter Their Own will share their songs and music. Pte San Win will serve as the MC.

Winyan Ituwan is a collective effort to bring women together to share experiences, vision, and wisdom. There will be many door prizes including fire wood, propane, jewelry, much more. All women are encouraged to attend, the gathering is open to the men who want to hear the voice, vision and wisdom of the women. Winyan Ituwan is the first of four women’s gatherings, with one set for spring, summer and fall. People can call 605-899-1419 or connect at Winyan Ituwan on Face Book for more information. ####


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