Course Tuition:  $390
Duration: 5 Weeks
Continuing Education Units (CEU’s): 2

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November 7 - December 12, 2014November 5, 2014OpenDuke University
January 16 - February 20, 2015January 11, 2015Open

Course Description

Explore both the structure and practice of community development around the world.  Engage in a critical analysis of different approaches to community development, their historical development and underlying assumptions.  Gain an understanding of the structural and practical issues that promote or detract from the goal of community empowerment.

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Outline  the historical development and underlying assumptions of different approaches to community development.
  • Identify the issues faced by the rapidly changing field of community development.
  • Distill key structures and practices for becoming more effective on the ground.

*While not required, it is recommended that this course be taken prior to taking other Village Earth online courses.

Counts Towards the Following Specialized Tracks

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Community_Planning_Development Disaster_Relief



Testimonials from Past Course Participants for Approaches to Community Development:

“After taking this course my idea of development is more about empowerment of the community than anything else… Having local people trained so they can pass on the knowledge, rather than an outside organization coming in with the high technology and then leaving with the knowledge is key.”

“That seems to be my overall take-away message from this class: the first and most important thing you can do for the people of a community is rekindle their sense of value. Value in themselves, value in their neighbors, and value in their environment. Then there is something worth fighting for.”

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