Adopt-A-Buffalo Campaign: First Bison Calves Born!

We are happy to announce that the first three bison calves were born this May from bison herds established through Village Earth’s Adopt-A-Bison program! The calves are the newest addition to the Red Cloud Tiyospaye’s herd located near Slim Butte on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Since 2003, Village Earth has supported the development of three new bison herds on the Pine Ridge Reservation. The goal of this project is to assist the Lakota in recovering and utilizing their land base in order to help restore the Northern Plains ecology through the reintroduction of bison while also developing a source of income for families. Support for these projects have come primarily through donations to our “Adopt-A-Bison” campaign and European fundraising tours in 2005 and 2006.

A proud Henry Red Cloud stands in front of his family’s herd on land reclaimed from the BIA range unit leasing program – the dream of the late Bernard Red Cloud.