Clean Water Well in Remote Shipibo Community

The Peruvian Amazon Indigenous Support Network has completed another clean water well in Roya, a remote Shipibo community, with the help of local well drillers from Living Water. Thank you to our donors and local partners who have helped get this community clean drinking water!

The Completed well with Hand Pump Installed

Roya, a remote Shipibo community on the Ucayali River in the Peruvian Amazon. Site of the newest clean water well.

Local people drilling the deep clean water well.

Unfortunately the rivers nearby are no longer clean because of oil contamination and other upstream pollutants.

Well drilling in progress.

Kids watching the well drilling.

Drilling the well. They have to dig deep to reach the clean water aquifers.

Finishing the well pad. Making sure the well is a closed system is important to not allow outside contaminants to enter the system.

A view up the drainage channel.

Finishing the well pad.

The happy children of Roya.