Flooding in the Lower Ucayali

The Consejo Shipibo has asked the Peruvian Amazon Indigenous Support Network to disseminate this news about flooding in the Lower Ucayali Region.  The people in this zone remain very concerned because the water level has remained high at flood level for the past three months now.  Many communities are lacking food, and many children have diarrhea  and fevers because of water-borne illnesses.  Some community members have been able to move up to higher ground near the base of the mountains as is the case of the affected community Paoyhan.  Mr. Javier Ramirez Bardales, District Civil Defence Coordinator for the District Municipality of Padre Marquez, said, “We enlisted the help of the Regional Government of Loreto consisting of food, tents and mattresses  but have only reached the affected community of Paococha Paoyhan that has a population of 1,750 inhabitants.”  However, the communities and villages that are still waiting for some help are: El Porvenir, Roaboya Mestiza, Tiruntan (Capital distrital), Santa Ana, Cunshamay, Galilea, San Jerónimo, Victoria, Roaboya Nativa, Alfonso Ugarte, Nuevo Loreto and other communities that add up to approximately 4,700 inhabitants. You can donate to the Consejo Shipibo’s efforts to help affected communities by donating through Village Earth’s Peruvian Amazon Indigenous Support Network who will pass your donation along to the Consejo.