Meet the Huaorani from the Amazon rainforest in New York City!

You are invited to a unique event: meet the Huaorani from the Amazon rainforest in New York City!

When: May 17th, 7 – 9 pm

Where: School of Visual Arts @ 136 West 21 Street

Please come for a fun event where you will meet Huaorani leaders from the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. This is a unique opportunity to hear about life in the rainforest directly from people who live there.

Penti Baihua and Cahuiya Omaca will talk about their experience in New York and at the UN, life in the rainforest, and their efforts to protect their ancestral lands and their human rights. We will show videos and slideshows from the Yasuni rainforest where Penti and Cahuiya live.

There will be Huaorani handcrafts for sale made by the people in Penti and Cahuiya’s communities.

Please come support the Huaorani and the Amazon! 

On May 17th Luminita Cuna and Maloca are organizing a meet-and-greet event hosted at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan where everybody is invited to come meet Penti and Cahuiya, Huaorani leaders living in the Yasuni rainforest, hear them talk about their hunter-gatherer life in the rainforest, see images of their homes and families, ask questions and familiarize with a way of life that is very different than anything else we know. Penti and Cahuiya are ambassadors of their Huaorani culture. During their stay in New York they will strive to reach a large and international audience at the United Nations and outside, to spread awareness about their way of life, about their rainforest, and about the issues they are facing. This way they hope that the Huaorani will form a network of friends and supporters who will help them achieve their goals of securing a good future for their children in a healthy, unpolluted rainforest. Event location: School of Visual Arts @ 136 West 21 Street Time: May 17th, 7 – 9 pm Contact information: Luminita Cuna, [email protected]