Native Strategic Land Planning – A New Online Training Course from Village Earth

Village Earth and Colorado State University’s Online Plus is pleased to announce the launch of a new online training offering specifically developed for Native American land owners or anyone interested in learning more about Native American Land Tenure in the United States. The new course titled “Native Strategic Land Planning: Now and For Future Generations”  draws heavily from the curriculum of the same name developed by the Indian Land Working Group (ILWG). The original curriculum as well as Village Earth’s online adaptation was developed with support from the Indian Land Tenure Foundation (ILTF) based in Minnesota. Village Earth originally utilized this curriculum in 2008 during a series of Strategic Land Planning Workshops we hosted across the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota as part of a grant from the ILTF during which we developed the Pine Ridge Strategic Land Planning Map Book. Just this year, Village Earth and ILTF launched a new, enhanced mapping resource for the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation The Pine Ridge Land Information System (PRLIS), a free web-based mapping tool that gives Oglala Lakota Tribal members access to information about their lands. The online training takes advantage of the PRLIS as well as other online mapping tools not available when the ILWG curriculum was originally developed. We also hope that this new format makes this valuable training more accessible to Native American land owners across the United States. This online training lasts 5-Weeks. The next session of this course will take place January 18th – February 22nd, 2013. Registration Deadline is January 14th. For more information please contact David Bartecchi [email protected]