New Book About America’s Underground Food Movement Features VE’s Projects on Pine Ridge

Author Sandor Ellix Katz profiles “the cutting edge of food activism” in the United States in his latest book “The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved.” From seed saving, land and labor struggles, and cultural survival to slow and raw food Katz highlights some of the grassroots efforts that are working to transform the current corporate driven, fossil fuel dependent, and inequitable food paradigm. One of the efforts described in his book is Village Earth’s Lakota Lands Recovery Project on the Pine Ridge Reservation which is working with Lakota families to combine the restoration of grassfed bison herds with the recovery of Reservation lands to the control of individual indian allottees and their families. Alongside these efforts is the development a program to link sustainably/respectfully raised bison to the local and regional food web. We appreciate the recognition and recommend that anyone who is interested in learning more about the problems with America’s food system, but more importantly, what’s being done to change it, should purchase Katz’s book.