Titukuke Rural Community Development Association, Creating a Culture of Education in Zambia

Updated submitted by Gertrude Soko, Director of Titukuke Rural Community Development Association Here are some recent photos from the Titukuke day care trust school. We are running a pre-school, grade one and grade two classes at present. We have also introduced adult education in the afternoons for parents and guardians of our pupils so that we develop a culture of appreciating the importance of educating the children . It had been difficult to find children in large numbers because most parents do not see the value in taking children to school. These parents pay 20 Zambia Kwacha per month about 4 Dollars. The teachers get 60% whilst the school gets 40% of the total proceeds. The school has also introduced basic computer lessons to the grade ones and twos so that they are prepared at a tender age to appreciate and use ICT in their lives.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

The other pictures show the income generating garden aimed at helping meet the cost of paying the school staff who are failing to raise enough funds from the pupils. The pupils pay little fees this year due to failure to meet full fees last year. Some of the pupils do not pay anything due to their vulnerability. There is need find sponsorship for these children use none payment is affecting the school negatively. We give thanks to The friends of Titukuke in The Netherlands-SSTZ for the construction of the school, irrigation equipment, solar energy, the garden materials, school materials and equipment as well as financial support to enable us reach this far.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

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