VE Affiliate Tasunke Wakan to Host Children’s Camp on the Pine Ridge Reservation.


Village Earth Global Affiliate Tasunke Wakan (medicine horse) on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota will host a children’s camp August 29-Sept. 2 2013 at their building near the community of Porcupine.  The camp is focused on youth aged 7-12, who have experienced trauma, loss and/or grief. Children will experience learning, fun and healing activities.

Tasunke Wakan is a Lakota-run grassroots organization on Pine Ridge. The goals of the organization are:

  • To revitalize and implement the Lakota language through education and practice.
  • To strengthen the cultural identity of the Lakota Oyate through linking Lakota Philosophy with the Lakota language.
  • To empower the Lakota Tiwahe (families) in reclaiming their Lakota identity, through integrating the Lakota Customary, Natural, and Spiritual law within the educational process.
  • To provide education training and assistance regarding cultural competency.

You can learn more about this important organization and donate at Follow their facebook page at

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