VE Supports Organic Gardening Projects on Pine Ridge

Village Earth, as part of it’s larger initative to support Lakota Tiyospayes in their efforts to recover, restore, protect, and utilize their remaing land-base has help connect three tiyospayes to resources needed for their sustainable gardening projects. Below is a picture of the Red Cloud’s garden in the community of Payabya. Fort Collins based celebrity John (The Worm Man) Anderson helped families install worm bins to both consume organic waste and create nutrient rich compost for their gardens. Below Sam Long Blackcat and John put the lid (a recycled hot-tup cover) on a staw-bale worm bin that John designed. Below: Henry Red Cloud inspects a worm bin installed near the village of Red Shirt. With the help of Village Earth and Lauretta Sandoval (A CSU Food and Nutrition Graduate Student) the Shockey Two-Bull garden expanded nearly 400% in one year.