Wind Turbine Project Update

The Lakota Wind Turbine Project is close to completion. The goal of the project is to develop a low-cost wind turbine that can be built on the reservation, lowering the cost of accessing electricity for families wanting to live on and utilize their land in remote parts of the reservation. The picture above shows the turbine on a temporary mount to test the balance of the blades. All that is left to finish is the yaw assembly (used to protect the blades from damage in high winds). The picture above shows the magnetic roter and output coil assembly using an automobile disc brake rotor of an old Dodge durango pickup. Above is the load controller circuit (left) and the voltage converted (right) all designed on the reservation by Bret Tschacher from the Lone Buffalo Project. The load controller will be used to control the output of the wind turbine and the voltage converter will match two non-compatible systems for appliances which operate at lower voltages. For questions on the design please email [email protected].