Development and the Politics of Empowerment2018-02-10T17:32:16+00:00

Elective Courses

  • Technology and Community Development
  • Community Mobilization
  • Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Community-Based Health
  • Tourism and Development
  • Development and the Politics of Empowerment
  • Community-Based Mapping
  • Building Climate Change Resilient Communities
  • Community-Based Organizing
  • Community-Based Food Systems
  • Participatory Water Resource Management
  • Micro-Finance Projects: Sustainable Community Development and the Role of Women
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
  • Community Participation and Dispute Resolution
  • Agroecology for Sustainable Communities


For more information about this program please contact Kristina Miller at [email protected] or +1-970-237-3002 ext. 503.