Micro-Finance Projects: Sustainable Community Development & the Role of Women2019-07-30T15:21:21+00:00


Course Tuition: $390
Continuing Education Units (CEUs): 2
Duration: 5 weeks


July 9 – July 14, 2017


July 5, 2017



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Course Description

In the context of developing communities across the world, the role of microenterprise is crucial. Identification of people who would undertake micro enterprise is the first important step. Identification of projects to fit the people and their needs and equipping people with the basic skills to run micro-enterprises profitably is the next step in the process. Women-oriented projects are vital as self-esteem building activities for women whose micro enterprises typically, in the long run, produce far reaching economic and social impact for the entire community.

Micro-enterprises have become an important vehicle of development for developing economies. They are small-scale, low-investment projects that provide fulfillment and fairly immediate income generation. This has a great impact on boosting self-confidence which in turn affects family and social life.

Micro enterprises greatly influence the women who, in developing economies, are generally uneducated or semi-educated, are dominated by men, and have relatively low societal status. Micro enterprises energize women to become economically self-sufficient, empower them to be emotionally self-confident, and enable them to have a voice in society. Their newly acquired influence reflects in improved living conditions at home and better prospects
for their children’s futures.

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Explain the role and impacts of micro-finance.
  • Recognize the different types of micro-enterprises: manufacturing, agricultural and non-agricultural based industries, marketing and providing services.
  • Develop a microfinance pilot project.

Counts Towards the Following Specialized Tracks: Economic Development and Community Planning and Development

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Testimonials from Past Course Participants for Micro-Finance & the Role of Women:

“I have learned much about Micro-finance, it’s history and the basics of a successful project, as well as innovative uses for it.”
“I have learned about micro-finance and micro-credit more thoroughly and got a chance to develop a pilot project.”