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Community Development Mentorship Program

Village Earth’s volunteer/mentorship program is designed to provide practical training and guidance to the next generation of community leaders and allies by working alongside Village Earth management, staff and community partners to support our community-based partners, research and advocacy, and training programs. Participants also learn principles and skills in non-profit management including program management, fundraising, outreach, financial management, donor management, and more.

Those accepted into the program follow clear learning paths designed around their interests that allow then to gain competency and access to expanded opportunities, responsibility and recognition within the organization. Participants progress through their particular track through the completion of online and in-person trainings and accomplishing predefined project-based outcomes. Upon completion of a training or accomplishment, participants are awarded digital badges that both serve as evidence of their increased competency and skill while also unlocking higher levels of training within their chosen learning paths. Village Earth awards badges following the Mozilla Open Badges standard and can be shared and displayed on platforms such as LinkedIn, Credly, Badgr, Mozilla Backpack, or Open Badges Passport.

To be gain access to Village Earth’s training programs you must first complete an Mentorship Program Application and be accepted into the program.

Complete Application for Mentorship Program

Upon acceptance you will be emailed login credentials to access Village Earth’s online training portal.

Access the Online Training Portal

Trainings Available in the Volunteer/Mentorship Program