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The Mission of Titukuke RCDA is to improve the quality of life for women, youth children and vulnerable families. The organization is devoted to to uplifting livelihoods, reducing illiteracy, poverty and HIV/AIDS/Health problems among the communities in Petauke, Zambia and surrounding areas through programs aimed at building local democracy, socioeconomic emancipation and environmental sustainability
Titukuke RCDA achieves their mission through economic empowerment of women and youth, training of caregivers in basic care and support, OVC management, linkages to food security and poverty reduction programs, their “Pass-Oon-the Gift” cows program, village savings concepts for club members, youth skills development interventions against gender based violence and child abuse, and massive awareness raising on various key thematic areas.

History of Titukuke RCDA

Established in 2001 and registered in 2005 by Gertrude Soko and a few other rural community-based citizens who wanted to identify the options that could help alleviate the numerous social and economic hardships that the rual citizens were facing. The organization started mobilizing communities for health and social change in all areas of human development which saw the establishment of clubs for women, youth and widows as well as the establishment of community schools for children and women. The organization is run using bottom-up approach where by the AGM elects area representatives and board members from among themselves


Contact EYC at:
Gertrude Soko, Executive Director

Office Location:
Council Garage, off Boma Main road, Petauke
P.O. Box 560262, Petauke, Zambia


[email protected]

We offer trainings and technical assistance
to other organizations.

  • Lakota mental health training
  • Lakota Star knowledge
  • Talking Circles and Support Group Circles
  • Lakota Language Revitalization
  • Referrals are taken on an individual basis. Our organization
    seeks to promote and up hold the concept of Okiciyapa
    (Helping of one another)

These Services are offered

  • Inipi – Purification Lodge
  • Nagi Kicopi – Calling The Spirit Back
  • Lakol Wica Caje – Lakota Naming Ceremony
  • Wanase – Manhood Ceremony
  • Isanti Awicalowan Pi – Womanhood Ceremony
  • Wopakinte – Spiritual Cleansing Ceremony
  • Woapiye – Doctoring Ceremony