Impactful Online Training for Stakeholders from Different Locations

Village Earth’s Sustainable Community Development Certificate program is a great way to train different stakeholders who may not all be in the same area, but need to be working on the same page.  For example, we have had organizations and private companies send groups through our certificate program which included local community members, company employees, NGO staff, and local government officials.  This is a great way to make sure everyone in your project group is working from the same development philosophy, using the same terminology, and can come to consensus on project design and M&E plans.  Especially if staff and local people are located in different countries, it is a great way to train everyone together while saving on transportation and in-person training costs.  And studies show, knowledge is gained and retained just as effectively from online training as it is from in-person training. Now registering for courses that begin next week, April 25, at Duke University!  To explore training your group, please visit our Sustainable Community Development Certificate Online Training page.