Upgrading the Online Certificate Program: New Name & New Specializations!

First, some good news for those enrolled in the Online Certificate Program and those interested in enrolling, the program name is changing to Sustainable Community Development.  Participants who complete four courses will receive a Colorado State University certificate in Sustainable Community Development. Adding the word sustainable will reflect the program’s focus on sustainability as well as empowering, participatory community development. Plus it is a keyword that looks great on your CV or resume. Second, we are now offering specialized tracks for those who would like their certificate program to focus in on a particular subject area within the field of sustainable community development.  If you choose a specialization it will be noted on your certificate, which again looks great on a CV or resume if you would like to portray specialization in a particular area.  New specialized tracks include:  Participatory Facilitation, Food Security / Agriculture, Disaster Relief, Political Empowerment, Natural Resources Management, Economic Development, and Community Planning and Development.  So the certificate you would receive would be a Certificate in Sustainable Community Development with a specialization in Disaster Relief, for example.  We hope that this will help tailor our program to the meet the needs of the many development professionals who come through our program.  And keep in mind, our general certificate (or create your own track) option is still available allowing you to complete the one required Approaches to Community Development course and three elective courses of your choosing to receive the Certificate in Sustainable Community Development. Unfortunately, Colorado State University will not reissue new certificates to those who have completed the certificate program in the past before these new changes.   However, past certificate recipients are welcome to take more courses in the program to complete a specialized track and receive the new certificate. Check out our online certificate program page for more information.