Village Earth / CSU Online Courses Move to new RamCT Blackboard Starting Summer 2012

New RamCT Blackboard goes live for summer 2012 CSU-Village Earth courses move to the new RamCT Blackboard for all online coursework at the start of the summer term, June 1, 2012.   The current RamCT system will no longer be used for teaching after this date. We hope that this new platform will be easier for students to access and navigate from all over the world. Click the links for more information about the Online Community-based Development Certificate Program or to register for upcoming summer courses. Learn How To Use The New System – It’s Different!  For previous students in our program that would like to familiarize themselves with changes to the system or for new students looking to get a head start on understanding the course platform check out the Blackboard On Demand Learning Center for Students:  Questions? See the RamCT Help web site