Help Village Earth Affiliate Maloca Raise Enough Funds for Satellite Phone for Kamayura of Brazil

$1,155 of $1,500 raised

The cacique of the Kamayura people from the Xingu Indigenous Park in Brazil is asking for your help to get a satellite phone for emergency communications. He is asking for the device only, he will do his part and find funds locally to pay for the monthly subscription. We need your help to get this phone for the Kamayura village!


With government help fading away, the Kamayura come to rely more and more on the good will of their friends and allies, in Brazil and abroad.

Telecommunication in remote areas is a life-saving luxury. Having no access to basic telecommunications services means being unable to contact emergency medical assistance, or not being able to contact relatives and friends when needed.

We helped the Kamayura in 2016 to obtain a new amateur radio – it does wonders. There is one limitation: radio communication depends on a radio station that operates from 7am to 4pm and is off on weekends. Anything that happens outsides the hours of operation cannot be communicated. Many emergencies happen in the offline hours. What are some emergencies in Xingu? Snake bites, severe child diarrhea that can kill a toddler in a matter of hours, difficult births, strokes, severe wounds - all are life threatening.

People lose family to incidents that can be addressed by improving communications. We can make a difference, we can literally reduce the number of deaths in the region. With your donation, this can be possible.

A satellite phone would ensure continuous access to emergency communication. The solar panels from a previous Maloca fundraiser are there to ensure the device is charged at all times. 
Much gratitude for your support!


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