Demand Justice for Colombia’s Indigenous Leaders

Help Village Earth’s Colombian ally Jenzera seek justice for the disappearance of Kimy Pernía Domicó!

It was on this day ten years ago that the great Embera Katío Indigenous leader Kimy Pernía Domicó was abducted by army-backed paramilitaries in northern Colombia shortly after his second visit to Canada. He was never seen again. In the past decade, threats and attacks on indigenous communities and their leaders have intensified. The situation is nothing less than a human rights emergency as more than 32 Indigenous Peoples, including the Embera, are now at risk of extinction due to factors that include the imposition of “development” projects on their land.

  1. Click here to add your signature to our online petition.
  2. Please encourage everyone you can to do the same (use the sharing buttons below). We need a massive response in order to exert pressure on President Santos.
  3. Take three minutes more to print the beautiful solidarity message and take a photo with it. Email the photo to [email protected] and we will send it on to our allies with the National Indigenous Organization of Colombia, who are much in need of international support for their campaign to protect threatened Indigenous Peoples.

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